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We are here to TRAIN, TEACH, HELP and FIX you all the way

At Max Effort Fitness we are all about helping you achieve your health and fitness goals. And having you become the strongest version of yourself possible.

We do this by offering a variety of different services, From Online Training to In Person Training, We even offer Remedial Massage  

We eat, sleep, and dream health and fitness and are ready to support you through it all.

Let’s accomplish greatness together!

  • Personal Means Personal

    We don't believe in the one size fit's all approach you see in the industry  

  • #strongertogether

    A Hashtag we truly believe in, We truly are stronger together. 

  • Your Goals are Our Goals

    We invest heavily in your goals and make them apart of our goals. this helps us help you more.

  • Building a stronger you!

    We believe in you and know!!! we can help build a stronger you. Giving you the tool's and guidance along the way

More Then Just Training!

Warm Up & Coll Downs

Trainer lead warm ups and cool downs/client expected to warm up and cool down

Custom Program for your goals

Custom 7 day a week workout program


Nutrition advice suited to your needs

Progress tracking

Progress tracking Via -App and Fortnightly Meetings

Body fat testing

Testing your overall Body fat/Weight and Muscle for better results

App Access

Access to the Max Effort Fitness app

24/7 Trainer support

We will always be here to help you.

Posture and Movement assessment 

Posture and Movement assessment on first meeting, With Program designed around any weak points

VIP Group

Access to the VIP Facebook group



Body Weight Challenge eBook


  • More Then 1 Way to Work Out at Home

  • Crossfit Style Body Weight challenge workouts

  • AB workouts

Your Personal Trainer at your Service

Get in contact with us now and let us help you become a stronger version of yourself.

  • Geelong, Australia


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