Max Effort Fitness Rules


Both members and non-members must follow rules as below.

We at Max Effort Fitness pride ourselves on the saying “Stronger Together” we also encourage our members to do the same and help other’s push through.

Opening Times including closure on public holidays

o    Please see our Facebook page for any changes to times and location.

Respecting the privacy of other members.

o    No judgment of others.

o    Max Effort Fitness will not disclose any information about our members unless given authorly to by our member or ordered by the courts. We expect you will do the same and not give out personal information of others unless permission is granted by the effected party’s.

Pre-activity questionnaire

o    Everyone must have completed a pre-activity questionnaire before being trained. It is also your responsibility to make sure your pre-activity questionnaire is up to date.

Behaviour & Dress (i.e. no offensive behaviour/dress)

o    Members and non-members must behave in a suitable manner and dress accordingly to the setting.

o    We do advise that you be careful with what you say as we will be in a public place and there may be others around that don’t like that profanity.

o    Max Effort Fitness will not tolerate abuse towards other participants or trainers. This will result in a warning with further action taken. We also may ask you to leave.

o    Refusing to leave may result in cancellation of membership or a ban and potentially have the police called.

Hygiene & Towels

o    Members and non-members are responsible for bringing their own towels and any other hygiene items they may need.

Use of Equipment

o    Members and non-members must only use the equipment the way the trainer has shown them. Misuse of equipment may lead to injury.

Use of mobile phones and cameras

o    Members and non-members are allowed to use mobile phones and cameras providing they seek the permission of anyone in the photo before posting online.

Car Parking

o    Public car parking will be available. Please note Max Effort Fitness is not responsible for any parking fines.

Swimming Pool, Spa and other Wet Areas

o    In the instance that there is a beach training or other water based training, please follow rules of area.

Health & Safety

o    First aid kit’s is kept in the trainer’s car at all times.

o    Trainers are qualified first aiders with CPR qualification, trainers will assure this is kept up to date.

o    Emergency meeting point will be at the trainer’s car.

o    The area will be checked for any hazards by the trainer before the session is commenced

 Children in the premises

o    Please note there may be children in/on or near the training premises. Please be respectful and follow our behaviour rules.

Alcohol & Drugs

o    Max Effort Fitness will not tolerate the use of drugs or alcohol while training. If found with either you will be asked to leave.

o    Max Effort Fitness will not tolerate the use of performance enhancing drugs. Any member found to be on performance enhancing drugs will have their contract cancelled and will no longer train with Max Effort Fitness until cleared of such drugs.

Only approved fitness instructors

You will be trained by only approved exercise professionals registered through Fitness Australia. Approved trainers may use the assistance of a helper.