Online Training

12 Week Workout plans

Sign up for our online training program's and reap the results at a friction of our Personal Training prices. Get custom workouts for your goals and meals plans to help you get the best result possible. With access to our app and 24/7 Trainer support it will be hard to fail.


Track Your progress

The best part of the fitness journey is the results, Our app allows your to easily see what you have done and accomplished. You are even able to compare progress pictures side by side.


See real time progress with your training

Our app allows you to see what you have previously done and lets you know when you are smashing your personal best's.



see your week at a glance

Take the guess work out of getting fit.

We do that all for you. Your calendar will show you what you are doing, when you are doing it and help you and your trainer track your progress day to day.


custom Workout programs

You will get Custom training program suited to your life style and goals, to keep it simple you can use this program in a gym or at home, work with what you have around you!



Meal Plans – Meal by Meal

We use Evolution Nutrition's meal plans written by qualified and registered dietitians.

They will be planed out meal by meal and goal pacific.


24/7 trainer support

Never be alone in the gym again, you always have your trainer on hand to help you with any questions you might have.

The means for results! A perfect way to help smash goals
Money well spent

What You Get

✔💪 2x Skype / Phone calls

✔💪 Weekly check-ins with trainer via app

✔💪 Warm ups and cool downs

✔💪 Custom 7 day a week workout program

✔💪 Workout how to videos

✔💪 Progress tracking

✔💪 Measurement’s

✔💪 Regular weigh ins

✔💪 Nutrition

✔💪 Meal Plans – Meal by Meal

✔💪 Custom Shopping list

✔💪 24/7 Trainer support

✔💪 Goal setting meeting Phone Call

✔💪 Access to the Max Effort Fitness app

✔💪 Access to the VIP Facebook group


💲 Free

🥗 Healthy Recipe eBook


all valued at over $800

Get all this for only $30 AUD Per Week for 12 weeks